Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remember that one time..

My little peanut turned ONE!! I seriously can't believe it! Chloe is such a fun little girl and i have not blogged about her nearly enough! She started walking about a week before her birthday and has been on the move ever since!

Things she loves:
Climbing: On any and EVERYTHING!
Talking: This girl is one chatty cathy! lol Seriously though.. she even talks in her sleep!
Blowing kisses: Yes, she's a total ham.. trips to the grocery store are a riot! We can never just make a quick trip to the store because people are always stopping to "chat" with her.. and without fail she sends them off by blowing them a kiss
Her Daddy: She's a total daddy's girl.. and has him wrapped around her little finger
Bubbles: Need I say more
Being outside: On rainy days she literally looks out the back window longing to go outside.. i have a picture to prove it!

Words she says:
Momma, Dadda, Brie (my sister's name), Hi, Thank you (although she always says it when she gives YOU something lol), Bye-bye, Uh-oh, Whoa, BOO

Words she signs:
Food, drink, cracker, please, thank you, more, all done, milk, dog, fish, cat, outside, sleepy, owie

We were able to have an awesome birthday party for her at a place here called Monkey Bizness. There were a little over 60 people that RSVP'd so my mom came out to help..and of course to celebrate Chloe turning one. Her party was such a blast and I am so thankful for so many people coming out to celebrate with us! Here are some pictures of her special day..

Chloe and Grandma Owens.. Chloe absolutely loves her grandma!

Megan and Jared drove 4hrs from St.Louis just to come to Chloe's party and turned around and drove back 4hrs! Seriously love you guys!

My sweet Russian neighbor's mom made this cake for Chloe and it was the most delicious cake we have ever eaten! I keep trying to convince her to open a bakery but she hasn't caved yet!

Friday, May 20, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser Too


Sunday, March 27, 2011


All right folks... here's a rundown of our year so far!


Blizzards Blizzards and MORE BLIZZARDS!! We got hit hard this year with the snow.. In fact, the state of Missouri and city of Kansas City was declared a "state of emergency"- which meant shut down highways, roads, and most importantly NO SCHOOL!! So needless to say, January was a fun month for us filled with sledding, Sunday dessert/game nights, Super Bowl parties, and tamale making... We thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend extra time with Ty and took advantage of EVERY snow day we could! Living in cold climates actually does have some benefits!! Here are some pics of our January fun!!

My two good friends Chersti (in the middle) and Sara (on the right) and I went sledding.. well I should say, Chersti talked Sara and I into sledding the "Cleveland Hill" ..which is a huge, very steep hill at the chiropractic college our husbands go to. We decided the girls would go first and then we would switch and let the guys go.. they weren't too interested in taking their "before" pics though :P

Don't be fooled by the "excited" expression on my face... pure fear.. On the other side of that mound is a straight drop..

Sara and I were super apprehensive about going but Chersti showed no fear!! She owned those hills! When you get to the bottom of the hill you are going so fast and there are huge jumps that will throw you off the tube so you have bail by the "tuck and roll" technique (that Chersti so gracefully demonstrated for us) so you don't fly into the street or hit a pole and bruise your femur (like Ty did) or come down off of a jump and hurt your arm/wrist/shoulder (like Sara).. yep that's right, injuries on both the guys and the girls trip! It's just that steep and bumpy.. but SOOO much fun!! Thank goodness Sara's married to a great Chiropractor! And I'm pleased to report they have all fully recovered from all sledding injury's ;)

On another one of the snow days, the girls and I decided we were going to tackle tamales! It was about a 5 hour process just to put them together.. it took another 3hrs to cook them! It was really fun to hang out with the girls all day, but probably won't ever make them again! LOL

Sara put together a fun Super Bowl party! It was packed with food and lots of fun!

Oh and P.S. That's not a real cupcake Chloe's eating.. she kept putting this plastic cupcake top in her mouth and sucking on it like a pacifier! She had it with her the ENTIRE night! She would actually take out her pacifier and replace it with the cupcake top! It was really funny watching her crawl around every where with it. She a silly one!

*Special thanks to Sara for capturing all these great pics!!


February 1st was Ty's birthday. He had another snow day so he was able to sleep in while I made a BIG breakfast (his favorite meal of the day). I got a great recipe for biscuits and gravy and accompanied it with eggs, ham, cinnamon rolls and OJ. He was pretty excited. Later that day we had little birthday get together for him over at Sara's house. We had dinner and cake and decided we were gonna get all the kids to bed and then come back and play games since we knew school would be called out again the next day.. but as we were leaving Chloe started projectile vomiting ALL OVER ME!! Thank goodness I was holding her and it didn't get all over Sara's coach or floors.. but still.. it was pretty awful. Anyway.. that was the start of it all. February 1st. The vomiting only lasted until 4am the following morning but she wouldn't eat or drink anything for about 2days and she stopped having wet diapers so we had to take her in to get hydrated. Since then Chloe has been to the hospital 7times in the last month and a half. She went from the stomach flu, to an upper respiratory virus, to a "Virus" (they weren't quite sure what she had but it consisted of vomiting, diarrhea, and us force feeding apple juice and pedialyte to no avail) to an ear infection that turned into a blood infection (but don't worry- they thought at first she had a UTI so they sent us to the hospital and put in a catheter only to find out she didn't) and then trips back the hospital for iv antibiotics and more blood work.
Her immune system is shot at this point so if anyone even breaths on her wrong she picks something up.. last week it was croup.. this week, low grade fever and rubbing ears and mouth so we're thinking it's just teething. Which stinks too.. but we're just glad it's not hospital worthy!
The poor girl is totally traumatized by anyone who even looks like they could be a doctor or nurse! We are just praying that the warm weather brings better health and a stronger immune system!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out of Touch

Where do I even begin... We have been living in the dark ages all of January and February due to a switch in internet provider nightmare.. Long story short, AT&T sucks and kept cancelling our order and not showing up to appointments so (after a long drawn out 2 months, probably 40 calls to AT&T, and multiple visits to there actual store) we finally bit the bullet and went with a more expensive but more reliable internet company. Needless to say, I feel COMPLETELY out of touch and have a lot of catching up to do!
Let's start in December:
This was a really busy month (as always) because of my sisters wedding but also it was the year for our family cruise (woohoo!!) So Chloe and I were home for 3 days the entire month.. basically to repack our bags for warmer climates, kiss Ty and wish him luck on finals, and head back out! We were supposed to have a little more time at home but the night before we left Utah Chloe spiked a fever of 104.5 and ended up in the emergency room.. which postponed our leaving Utah a couple days. Little did we know, this would be her first trip of many in the next couple months!
Anyway, Chloe and I met my mom, dad, and baby sister Blake out in Florida and got to do some shopping and hang out before the rest of the Foster/Owens/Barrett crew met us out there.. and let me tell you.. It was a BLAST! It's always so fun getting together with my siblings, but even more fun now that we have Ty, Chris and Gustabo and everyone is such great friends! I just can't wait until we are ALL living out in Utah at the same time! 2 more years.. just 2 more years..
Here are some pictures from our cruise:
Chloe started crawling on Christmas Eve.. on the cruiseship! In this very spot! Such a little sweetie..


First day out at sea.. soaking in the beautiful sunny weather

Baby sis Blake and I soaking in some sun in Grand Cayman

hehehe.. laying out

Chloe and daddy

Chloe and Mommy

At one of the shops in Honduras

Chloe just woke up from her nap, so 2011 updates are still to come!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chris and Summur Berrett

On December 4th my big sis got married in the Bountiful Temple. It was such a beautiful, perfect day for the most beautiful bride! I think I cried more at her wedding then I did my own!! She and Chris have waited so long to find each other it was so awesome to see her so amazingly happy. Here are some pics from their wonderful day!

Wave Hi!!

Here's a video of our little Chloe for your viewing pleasure!! When we took this a week or so ago Chloe had just turned 6months.. She's been saying... Yes, SAYING hi for about a month now but the wave is a recent thing... as you can tell in the video from Ty's reaction LOL

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Buzzzz

Chloe was a bumble bee this year for Halloween! This was our first year participating in Trunk-or Treat at our church and boy did we have a great time! Chloe didn't get any candy this year (mommy and daddy are on a diet) but she did participate in the parade, help pass out out candy, and even got a little snooze in! She's one busy little bee! Here are some pics from Chloe's first halloween..

Can"t wait for next year!!