Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remember that one time..

My little peanut turned ONE!! I seriously can't believe it! Chloe is such a fun little girl and i have not blogged about her nearly enough! She started walking about a week before her birthday and has been on the move ever since!

Things she loves:
Climbing: On any and EVERYTHING!
Talking: This girl is one chatty cathy! lol Seriously though.. she even talks in her sleep!
Blowing kisses: Yes, she's a total ham.. trips to the grocery store are a riot! We can never just make a quick trip to the store because people are always stopping to "chat" with her.. and without fail she sends them off by blowing them a kiss
Her Daddy: She's a total daddy's girl.. and has him wrapped around her little finger
Bubbles: Need I say more
Being outside: On rainy days she literally looks out the back window longing to go outside.. i have a picture to prove it!

Words she says:
Momma, Dadda, Brie (my sister's name), Hi, Thank you (although she always says it when she gives YOU something lol), Bye-bye, Uh-oh, Whoa, BOO

Words she signs:
Food, drink, cracker, please, thank you, more, all done, milk, dog, fish, cat, outside, sleepy, owie

We were able to have an awesome birthday party for her at a place here called Monkey Bizness. There were a little over 60 people that RSVP'd so my mom came out to help..and of course to celebrate Chloe turning one. Her party was such a blast and I am so thankful for so many people coming out to celebrate with us! Here are some pictures of her special day..

Chloe and Grandma Owens.. Chloe absolutely loves her grandma!

Megan and Jared drove 4hrs from St.Louis just to come to Chloe's party and turned around and drove back 4hrs! Seriously love you guys!

My sweet Russian neighbor's mom made this cake for Chloe and it was the most delicious cake we have ever eaten! I keep trying to convince her to open a bakery but she hasn't caved yet!


Jenna said...

Wow I can't believe she is 1 already too. I feel like you were just announcing her birth. Looks like quite the party! She is just so cute! I hope we get to meet her someday!

Amanda & Seth Campbell said...

I love that dress Randii. She is such a cutie. We had Porter's 2nd bday party at Monkey Bizness here in CO and I think the adults had more fun than the kids. Haha it's a fun place. Can't wait to see you guys in July.